Eco Garden Studios Blog: Your Home Needs an Insulated Garden Studio – Find Out Why…

The past couple of years has really made us all appreciate how much we can use our gardens, whether it is exercising, socialising, or even using the space to spread out and use it as a remote workspace or classroom. This all works well until you factor in the good old British weather!!! This is why a Garden Studio is a must for every home and specifically an insulated garden studio, to ensure year-round use.

There are many reasons why your home needs an insulated garden studio and in this article, we have detailed just a few…

Eco Garden Studios and Eco Garden Rooms are completely versatile:

Garden rooms with insulation are a wonderful complement to any home, and they can adapt and change as your family grows. An insulated garden studio thats initial purpose is a home office, art studio or gym, can evolve to become the kids’ den or perhaps even a spare bedroom for grandparents to stay when they visit.

Private Extra Space

An Eco Insulated Garden Studio Can Offer You More Privacy:

If you want to create a retreat or a space dedicated to your work or even a hobby privacy is paramount. If you are working remotely, using a room within the home can make it difficult to switch off from what’s going on within the house. With a garden room, you are in the mindset straight away of being out of the house and ready to work. Alternatively if you have a hobby such as gaming, or you want your own cinema room where volume doesn’t upset the rest of the family, then an insulated garden studio means you can watch a loud movie with your friends on the weekend or listen to music with your pals without disturbing anyone at home. 

A Great Investment

An Eco Garden Studio Could Increase the Value of your Property value:

Every home accumulates a collection of items over time, such as wellies, waterproofs, paint cans, and lawnmowers. You don’t want to toss them away just because you don’t use them every day. An eco garden room can be the ideal storage solution for all of the unwanted stuff in your home. Simply take it outside to make extra room and a more peaceful living environment in your home.

Moving to a larger home or even installing a garage is significantly more expensive and difficult than creating a garden cottage. And, of course, it doesn’t have to be used for storing… Log houses are as attractive as they are useful, making them an excellent alternative if you just need more living space.

This also leads to an insulated garden studio adding value to your home and making it more appealing to potential buyers. Prospective buyers would appreciate the extra space or storage that an eco garden studio provides if you ever decide to sell your home.


Health Benefits

Eco Garden Studios Are Good For Your WellBeing:

Natural wood generates a healthy indoor atmosphere, which is beneficial to allergy sufferers in particular. Unpleasant odours and contaminants are absorbed by wood. In wooden structures, the regular humidity and warmth encourage healthy mucous membranes. All of this contributes to a wonderful indoor environment that smells as fresh as a pine forest.

Your garden house can also be utilised as a home gym, yoga studio, spa room, or meditation place – anywhere you want to relax and unwind after a long day. Whatever you decide to do with your new structure, it will quickly become your favourite place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea while watching the sun rise or set!



Garden rooms and garden studios with insulation are a wonderful complement to any garden, large or small, keeping you toasty in the winter and cool in the summer, however, you choose to use this fantastic additional space. By sustaining a constant average temperature, using our very own expert insulation solution, not only will you save money, but you will be helping to protect the environment by maintaining a pleasant temperature using only a minimal amount of electricity. Are you ready to extend your home and incorporate an insulated garden studio? Get in touch with us on 0800 774 7962 or info@ecogardenstudios.com and one of our project management team will get the ball rolling. Whether you choose a fully installed or a self-build option we can provide you with either a DIY kit with everything you need to build and assemble your garden studio yourself or our professional installation team can come to your property and carry out the job.
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