Mr Appleby

Mr Cornwall is a business owner and wanted to keep his overheads down so back in 2016 we installed a 16 x 10 EcoStudio in his garden to use as an office. He ran his business from here for 5 years until he eventually had to move into bigger premeses.

Once he did so he had an EcoStudio Garden Room that he could now convert into whatever he wanted. He got in contact with us and we went to see him. After a discussion we came to the agreement that it would be best used as a bar where him and his family could socialise with their friends.

We fitted a bespoke rustic bar for him and replaced the tired laminate flooring and also gave the building a fresh coat of paint. Just like that in 2 days we had transformed this Garden Office into a Garden Bar.

It just goes to show how versatile our EcoStudios really are!