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You don’t need to move house to have a bigger home, Invest in a Garden Room instead!

Are you thinking about a house move? Feel the need for a bigger home?

We’re sure it will have crossed many minds recently, the past couple of years have caused a large number of us to rethink our living spaces, but whether it’s an extra room you need or just a change of scenery, an Eco Garden Studio can help. Additionally, it is considerably less drastic and difficult than moving.

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Here are our top 5 reasons to stay right where you are and enjoy the benefits of an Eco Garden Studio instead…

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1. You don’t want the hassle of moving:


The physical issues of transferring from one house to another should be our first focus. the act of packing up all of your beloningings and moving them out to a new place. Do you really want to go through all those boxes that have been carefully stored up in your loft after you and your family have amassed several years’ worth of “stuff”? If you’ve ever moved homes, you probably don’t because you already know how difficult it can be. Additionally, it can be rather expensive depending on where you’re moving to. Wouldn’t it be simpler to use that cash to purchase a new Garden Studio?

2. You LOVE your current home:


You’ve probably spent years making your home exactly how you want it, possibly even remodelling to suit your requirements—at the very least, making the interior comfortable.

And if you’ve been in your current residence for a time, you probably have a footprint in the neighbourhood. Perhaps it’s close to your place of employment, local amenties you have grown accustomed to, and perhaps the school or clubs your children, if any, attend. If you like where you are, why should you be compelled to move?

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3. A bigger home may mean a bigger mortgage:


Let’s be honest, if it is simply more space you’re after, then a complete house move will not present itself as your lowest-cost option. Far from it, in fact, with larger homes always coming at a premium! Even though you may only want more living space, a larger living area frequently includes an additional bedroom, whether or not you actually need one. You also need to account for additional moving expenditures, solicitors’ fees, and other costs. A garden room will be much less expensive than moving up to a larger home. One price, no additional costs, a custom layout, no layout compromises, and a process that is far quicker than the process of purchasing a new home.

4. You don’t want to negotiate the housing market at the moment:


In the current economic climate, you would be wise to want to stay put, not only is there financial uncertainty, but houses that are on the market are often going for way more than their market value, which could leave you in a precarious situation later down the line.


Take a moment to gaze out your windows and picture yourself in a new outdoor studio garden that has been built to your exact specifications and has the additional space that your present lifestyle demands. That must be much simpler than purchasing and selling a home. We think so!


5. You are in the place you want to be:


Do your family live nearby? Do you have good neighbours? Nobody wants to move house to find that the family from hell lives next door, in fact having good friends, family and neighbours nearby is a good enough reason in itself to have an Eco Garden Studio installed in the first place – a family room, garden bar or dedicated dining space for hosting family and friends when they come to visit.

Still keen to move...


In our opinion, when space is all you’re after, it’s not a move you need, but rather a little lateral thinking. Our bespoke garden rooms can be used as a study, a gym, a bar, a spa, a family room, a games room, a cinema room – whatever your household needs. So if you’re ready to think outside the box, and extend your home with a garden studio, get in touch with us on 0800 774 7962 or info@ecogardenstudios.com and one of our project management team will get the ball rolling. Whether you choose a fully installed or a self-build option we can provide you with either a DIY kit with everything you need to build and assemble your garden studio yourself or our professional installation team can come to your property and carry out the job.

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