About Us...

Who are Eco Garden Studios?

Here at Eco Garden Studios we specialise in providing bespoke low maintenance Garden Rooms & believe that creating extra space in your home is a priority and must to be hassle free. This is why we pride ourselves on assisting you professionally from initial ideas to making your dream Garden Room a reality. We manufacture our own Garden Buildings in house and assemble them on site meaning the average installation duration is just 3 days and availability in as little as 3 weeks.

All our Garden Studios are fully insulated using our unique multifoil insulation system from insulation experts EcoHome Insulation meaning your Garden Room will keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Whether your looking for a home office, home gym, home workshop or simply somewhere to run your business, chillout and relax our EcoStudio Garden Buildings can provide the perfect extra living space. We deliver & install our Fully Insulated Garden Studios throughout the UK.

What We Do...

A Full Package Service


Our EcoStudio Garden Rooms are fully customisable. You choose the position of windows and doors, colour scheme and flooring choice. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your Garden Studio is exactly how you want it. We can tailor an electrics package to suit your needs and even install partition walls if needed.


We manufacture all our own Eco Garden Studios in our workshop located in Dronfield near Sheffield using extremely durable high quality materials designed to last the lifetime of the building. We keep our raw material stock levels high ensuring maximum reliability for our customers. Our Garden Pods are pre insulated and further insulated on site. The roof, walls & floor of the EcoStudio is insulated meaning you can enjoy your new Garden Studio all year round!

Eco Garden Room


We install our Eco Garden Buildings throughout the UK offering a nationwide fitting service. Our professional installation teams can usually complete your project within 3 to 5 days meaning disruption is kept to a minimum.

Included In Every EcoStudio Garden Room...

What's So Special About Our EcoStudio Garden Buildings?

EcoClad Resin Saturated Exterior Cladding

EcoClad is timber cladding which is impregnated with resins and waxes during the manufacturing process which means it's guaranteed not to rot for 25 years. Resin fills the air pockets and gives a beautiful wood grain textured finish which can be painted any colour you like.

Moisture resistant MDF Interior Cladding

The interior of our EcoStudio Garden Offices is clad with a W200 Moisture resistant MDF Cladding which is extremely durable and will not crack easily like traditional plasterboard interior & will not warp, shrink or swell like timber cladding. It can be easily painted or fixed into.

EPDM Rubber Roof System

Firestone EPDM rubber roofing is what we use for each and every one of our EcoStudio Garden Room's roof covering. This one piece membrane once glued down and fully sealed ensures a fully waterproof covering which is guaranteed for 30 years!

UPVC Windows & Doors

We love timber, however all our EcoStudio Garden Rooms include UPVC windows & French doors due to the fact that they are far superior in quality and security compared to timber. The glass is energy efficient toughened glass for maximum security and safety. UPVC won't shrink & expand with the elements and seasons meaning there will be no need to trim or adjust them every year like there is with traditional timber windows & doors.

What's On The Outside counts...

Cladding Built To Last

Engineered timber technology ensures maximum protection against all elements. Durable & Beautiful – EcoClad can be supplied in a wide range of colours and is extremely low maintenance. Treated with Smart Guard including resins, waxes and Zinc Borate this truly is a state of the art cladding.

Whats On The Inside Counts...

EcoQuilt Expert Multifoil Insulation

It’s important you get the absolute maximum use from your Eco Garden Office, that’s why we choose EcoQuilt Expert from MultiFoil Insulation to insulate the roof, walls and floor of our EcoStudios. EcoQuilt reflects up to 98% of radiant energy produced by the internal heat source BACK into the room in the winter. In the summer, EcoQuilt reflects the sun’s heat rays AWAY from the building leaving it nice and cool. The result is an ambient Garden building that you can use, whatever the weather!

Whether your looking for a home office, home gym, home workshop or simply somewhere to run your business or chillout and relax our EcoStudio Garden Buildings can provide the perfect extra living space.

If that wasn’t enough, we add a second layer of insulation to the floor of our EcoStudio Garden Rooms under the SPC or Laminate flooring to add even more thermal benefits, make the floor more comfortable to walk on, dampen sound and prevent draughts!

Why Choose Us For Your Garden Room?

Nationwide Installation

We have survey & installation teams cover every part of the UK. We provide a complete service from initial enquiry and design right through to a completed building ready to move in & start enjoying. We do everything ourselves so no other trades are on site when we are.

Super Low Maintenance

Our EcoStudos are built using Extremely durable materials which are guaranteed to last the whole lifetime of the Garden room, They do not need treating regular like traditional timber summerhouses. We believe in doing the job once and doing it right. Our EcoStudio Garden Studios are built to last.

Pre Built For Fast Installation

We pre build and insulate your new EcoStudio Garden Room in the perfect conditions of our workshop based in Dronfield & install the building on site meaning installation takes just 3 - 5 days. Our team work tirelessly to complete your new project in the littlest time possible to the best standard possible.

As Much Or As Little As You Like...

Customise Your Spec

Electrics Kit

We will install our full electrics kit which includes twin sockets, double switches, interior & exterior ceiling spotlights all finished in brushed silver. We can add a socket for your TV. All lightbulbs are low energy LED. All wires are hidden in the walls and left in your desired location ready for your electrician to connect to the main house electric supply.

SPC Or Laminate Flooring

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) is a 100% waterproof, extremely hard wearing flooring option that is becoming a more popular choice than laminate due to its superior qualities and benefits and comes in 6 beautiful designs. We have an extensive range of premium laminate flooring designs & colours to choose from if you prefer this option. All flooring comes with Floor Foam which acts as an insulation underlay resulting in a softer floor and added thermal benefits.


With an extensive range of colours to choose from your sure to find a perfect match to suit your taste. Whether it's a modern grey or a traditional green to match your garden we are sure to have a colour that you will love! We paint your EcoStudio Garden Room with 2 coats of premium paint in our workshop and a further coat on site ensurang a flawless finish every time.

The King Of Flooring...

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Flooring

SPC is our new go-to choice when recommending an extremely durable flooring that is going to last the lifetime of your new EcoStudio Garden Room.

  • Eco Friendly – Zero Formaldehyde is used to produce SPC flooring, instead a high concentrate of natural substances and lime powder is used meaning there is no harmful substances used in the manufactugin process.
  • 100 % Waterproof.
  • 30 Year Guarantee.
  • No change in composition in extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Dense Core – Resistant to damage caused by impact of heavy objects.
From The Ground Up...

A Base For Your EcoStudio Garden Room

Your new EcoStudio Garden Office will need something to sit on but don’t worry, we can install a fully insulated, treated timber base. We insulate this using EcoQuilt Expert Multifoil Insulation to increase the thermal properties of your Garden Room and eliminate possible draughts and stop the cold air from below rising.

We can install a base to grass or soil ground with ease. We use 5×2 treated timbers and concrete the posts into the ground and ensure there is a post added to every beam to maximize the stability of your Garden Building. The life expectancy of our Timber bases is around 20 years.  

As an added upgrade, we can replace the timber posts for steel ground screws which have an expected life expectancy of 100 years!

If you prefer to arrange your own Concrete Base that’s not a problem. We will install a treated timber sub base on top of your concrete to allow us to add our insulation system as normal.

What Will You Use Your EcoStudio Garden Room As?

Popular Uses For Garden Rooms

Home Office

Productivity is key when it comes to working. If you run your own business you will know this all to well. Escape the kitchen table, reduce distractions and improve your workflow with your very own Garden Office. No commuting and access to cooking facilities promote a healthier lifestyle and work - life balance. Your Ecostudio can provide the perfect Home Garden Office for you to work from and work from or run your business. Property rent is only increasing so before you know it you will have recouped the cost of your Garden Office in no time at all!

Garden Bar

A home Bar is the perfect, better alternative to expensive taxi rides and long cues at the bar. You choose the music, the drinks and the company! The freedom and flexibility of being able to head to the bottom of your garden to your bespoke built Home Pub is priceless. Invite your friends round for a summer drink or put the heater on in winter and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Garden Gym

Ever felt like you want to head to the gym but hate the thought of the commute and being stuck in traffic which can seem like longer than the gym session itself? How about a 30 second commute to the bottom of the garden? Add this to the benefit of no waiting times for equipment and the added safety of your own space makes the idea of a Garden Room Garden Gym a no brainer choice for gym fans.

Garden Games /
Chillout Room

Snooker? Pool? Games Console? Are you a keen musician and need somewhere to escape and polish up your skills? With your very own Garden Games Music Room you can entertain for hours. A great place for the kids to enjoy their video games with their friends and for the adults to practice their darts skills with a few beers! The insulation in our EcoStudio Garden Rooms also doubles up as a great sound proofer!

A Few Helpful Facts...

Did You Know?

A Great Investment

The average high quality Garden Office adds around 10% to the value of your home meaning and is much easier and faster to obtain than an house extension for example.

  • Garden Studios add value to you home.
  • Employers often contribute to the cost of having a Garden Office .
  • During the manufacturing process of our EcoClad Cladding, for every tree used in production 3 more are planted!
  • The expected lifespan if EDPM rubber id 40+ years!
  • An EcoStudio Garden Building is around half the price of the equivalent size house extension.
Superior Quality Garden Rooms At Competitive Prices...


8ft x 6ft Full Package

From £13,898 Inc Vat

10ft x 8ft Full Package

From £15,231 Inc VAT

12ft x 8ft Full Package

From £16,090 Inc VAT

14ft x 10ft Full Package

From £18,365 Inc VAT

16ft x 10ft Full Package

From £20,585 Inc VAT

20ft x 12ft Full Package

From £23,975 Inc VAT

So what's included in our Full Package?

No hidden extras, a full package means a full package! An EcoStudio Garden Room ready to move in!

Delivery & Full Installation

Our professional team will deliver and install your building to the highest standard. Free Delivery within 250 miles of S18 2XP.

Insulated Timber Base

We will supply and install a treated, insulated timber base to suit the ground where the Garden Building will be situated.

UPVC Windows & Doors

All our EcoStudio Garden Rooms are fitted with a Firestone one piece EPDM rubber roofing system.

Interior & Exterior Painting

We will give the exterior of your EcoStudio Garden Pod 2 coats of paint on the outside and 2 on the inside.

EcoClad Cladding

Every EcoStudio is cladded with our zero maintenance EcoClad resin saturated cladding.

Full Electrics Kit

All wiring, sockets, LED interior spotlights, exterior wall lighting and switched are included in our full package. All brushed steel fittings.

SPC / Laminate Flooring

We fit premium SPC or Laminate flooring in our EcoStudio Garden Rooms as standard with lots of designs to choose from.

EPDM Rubber Roof

An EPDM rubber roofing system is installed to the roof surface, bonded and sealed to ensure zero chance of water ingress.

The ONLY thing that’s not included in our Full Package is the electrical connection to the main house supply. All wires are ran to a point in the EcoStudio ready for a local electrician to connect up.

Hundreds Of Projects, Here's Just a Few...

Previous Installs

Mrs Askham 12 x 10

Mrs Askham owned her own salon in the heart of Derby, she loved working there but missed spending time at home. After a friend suggested she invested in a Garden Salon she instantly loved the idea. She was able to cut down on the commute and save on running costs.

We installed this beautiful 12×8 in just 3 days and now she has the perfect home space to run her business from, right in her own back garden!

Mr Appleby 14 x 10

Mr Appleby got in contact with us after finding us on google. He was coming up to retirement and wanted a Garden Room to relax in and enjoy in the summer as well as enjoying in the colder months too. After a handful of questions and a video survey he felt confident to place his order and just 4 weeks later he had his new EcoStudio Garden Room installed!

Mr Carter 16 x 10

It was coming up to the World Cup and Mr Carter wanted a separate, unique space to watch it but didn’t want to go to the pub! After seeing us pop up on Facebook it got his brain ticking! Our EcoStudio Garden Rooms are the perfect chill out space and perfect to watch some tv, a movie or indeed the WORLD CUP!

He placed his order and we agreed an installation date to be completed ready in time to watch the big screen games.

The team was in and out in a professional manner in just 3 days start to finish! We even installed his tv bracket, all he had to do was move his furniture in!

He was so impressed he even left us a lovely review which you can find on our homepage.

Mr Cornwall

Mr Cornwall is a business owner and wanted to keep his overheads down so back in 2016 we installed a 16 x 10 EcoStudio in his garden to use as an office. He ran his business from here for 5 years until he eventually had to move into bigger premeses.

Once he did so he had an EcoStudio Garden Room that he could now convert into whatever he wanted. He got in contact with us and we went to see him. After a discussion we came to the agreement that it would be best used as a bar where him and his family could socialise with their friends.

We fitted a bespoke rustic bar for him and replaced the tired laminate flooring and also gave the building a fresh coat of paint. Just like that in 2 days we had transformed this Garden Office into a Garden Bar.

It just goes to show how versatile our EcoStudios really are!

Mr Gifford 9 x 7

Mr Gifford had a home based job and was struggling to find a good place to work, the kitchen table proved difficult due to too many distractions and with a newborn baby it made it even harder.

James found Eco Garden Studios on Facebook and liked the look of our EcoStudio Garden Building. He gave us a call and after some consideration and other quotations from other companies decided to place his order.

He now has the prefect home office right in his garden, he put a tv in there and a wall heater to when break time comes, he can sit in comfort and enjoy a spot of tv while eating his lunch!

Finished in Beaumont Blue with white trims this one really looks the part.

Mr Heulin 12 x 8

Mr Heulin wanted a hybrid office / bar where he could get his work done with no distractions in the day and didn’t have far to go for a well deserved drink afterwards!

We installed a 12×8 EcoStudio in just 3 days in his garden

Mr Kite 20 x 12

“It needs to be big enough for a pool table” were the words that Mr Kite said to us when he first enquired with us! We recommended a 20×12 and luckily he had enough room to fit one in at the top of his garden.

We installed a timber base and the full package 20×12 EcoStudio Garden Room to go with it! There was enough room in the Garden Building for his pool table and an office too!

Mr Scott 12 x 10

Mr & Mrs Scott needed extra space for their children’s ever growing toy collection, an extension wasn’t viable so they decided to look for alternatives and that’s when they came across our EcoStudio Garden Buildings.

A 12×10 was the perfect fit for their garden and would give enough room for the kids to play all day long. The great thing about our EcoStudios is that once the children have grown up it can easily be changed into something else.

EcoStudio Garden Office

Mr Shacklock 12 x 10

Mr Shacklock wanted a garden chillout space where him and his wife could escape to and enjoy that was separate from the house. Mrs Shacklock is a keen reader so this makes the perfect place to escape to on a summers day and read a good book!

Mr Stewart 14 x 10

Mr Stewart is the beach ranger at Polzeath Beach which is located Civil Parish Of St Minver in Cornwall. The parish received funding for a new office for Andy to work from and he thought our EcoStudio would be the perfect match, and so it was!

Mr Lamb 8 x 6

Mr Lamb had a property in Sheffield that he rented out. He wanted to make a more attractive offering for potential renters and decided a home office would be a great option without taking up valuable space inside the house, he actually added space! What’s even better, a Garden Room adds value to your home meaning it was a very wise investment! 

Mrs Collins 18 x 8

Mrs Collins found us on Facebook and instantly loved our product. She was unsure if she could customize the layout of the Garden Room so gave us a call and spoke to Ash, our project manager who answered all of her questions promptly and professionally.

Mrs Collins fosters disabled children and has a swimming pool that she uses in summer for hydro therapy so it was essential that she had 2 sets of French Doors to make easy access for wheelchairs entering and exiting the pool area.

We made a site visit for this one just to make sure everything was suitable and it was only quite local to us.

We finalized the design, colors and laminate flooring and she placed her order. Just 5 weeks later her beautiful new EcoStudio Garden Building was complete including water resistant laminate flooring which was also a necessity.

Mrs Hammond 18 x 8

As a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, Mrs Hammond found out that she would be working from home for the foreseeable future, this was fine apart from the fact she didn’t have anywhere in her home to set up a home office.

She decided to head to google to try and find a solution, after reading some blogs she realised the perfect solution. An insulated garden building!

She found us after a search on the internet and got in touch, because she was so local we did a site visit and took a brochure for her to find out more information.

She spoke with her partner and after careful consideration they decided to place their order and pay the deposit. 6 weeks later we arrived to install the EcoStudio Garden Room and in just 3 days the team were done and dusted!

Hundreds Of Happy Clients...


Fantastic product at very competitive pricing. Ash and his team work extremely hard every day they were building my cabin. Great guys, very polite, chatty and very clean and tidy, cleaning up each day before leaving. Professional service from enquiry to finish by Ash, who keeps you informed of progress from first order through to delivery. We actually changed size of our original order to a larger cabin with no hassle at all. Would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone considering having a garden room built.
Mr Carter
Highly recommend these guys, hard working, friendly and professional. Love our new home office/party room.
Mrs Hammond
I highly recommend Eco Garden Studios for garden pods. They built ours recently and were absolutely amazing. Communication from start to finish was spot on. It is so nice to have work an who take pride on theist work. I would highly recommend them for your garden rooms. If anyone wants to ask me any questions or see any pictures please do contact me. Thank you for an amazing pod 🙂
Mr Heulin
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