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The Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 resulted in many businesses allowing their staff to work from home deeming this to be safer and more cost effective way of their employees staying productive and safe. Now things are gradually getting back to normality, employers are struggling to persuade their staff to come back to the work office, and with good reason!

Working from home has so many great benefits, however there are also some major drawbacks. People have worked from home for many years, freelancers and admin based staff have dealt with obstacles when trying to stay productive. Distractions from family members and not enough dedicated workspace results in people trying to work from the kitchen table or their knees on the sofa. Whilst this gets the job done, there is a more viable solution.

A Garden Office from Eco Garden Studios can massively help business owners and employees create a dedicated workspace to concentrate on their work and maximize results. With a Garden Office that is designed to suit their exact needs, people can focus on their work without the distractions that the busy hub of the home brings in every day life.

What’s more, benefits such as having the flexibility to create healthy meals, adequate breaks and fresh air ventilation all contribute to a healthy work / life balance and empower home workers with the advantages they need to maximise their potential to achieve the results they desire.

The Perfect Working Environment

Running a business or working a 9-5 is hard enough as it is and if you don’t enjoy the environment you are working in it becomes even harder, a massive chore in most cases! We can design a Garden Office with your exact taste in mind, from the layout, placement of windows and doors & colour schemes. We can create a Garden Office that you enjoy spending time in, where you actually look forward to working in, sounds too good to be true but it really isn’t! A personalised Garden Office from Eco Garden Studios will inspire you

With our Multifoil Insulation system, you can work in comfort all year round. With our Eco Clad exterior resin cladding, you can be assured a rot free finish to the outside of your office. Due to the seamless, single piece construction of our EPDM rubber roofing system, you can rest assured the roof of your Garden Office will stay watertight in the harshest of rainfall. A base to suit the ground will create the perfectly level, solid foundation for your Garden Office to sit at your home.

Although we call them Garden Offices, we understand that not everyone is office based. Maybe your a personal trainer and are looking for a dedicated space where your clients can come and train with you with zero distractions from others, more focus will mean better results keeping your clients coming back time and time again, which pays dividends in itself! We have created art studios and even salons to name a few so whatever sector you are in, we can design a Garden Room to help you achieve your goals.

Increase Productivity, Focus & Results

It is impossible to stay productive when working at a kitchen table, or on a sofa with a laptop on your knees, and to still give your best to your job. With a dedicated workspace in your garden, you can avoid distractions, turn out a high standard of work and, if you are frequently sitting in on video calls with your management team or your colleagues, you can still be professional. Built with passion and including all the features our Chesterfield, Sheffield and UK customers look for in garden offices, such as lighting, heating, exterior cladding,

EPDM rubber roofing and a unique multifoil insulation system, Eco Garden Studios can confidently build you an inspiring workspace. With full package garden buildings available in any size that you need, there will always be ample space for workstations, computers, printers, filing and storage. Because we also place a strong focus on the décor of our garden offices, your workspace will always present a professional front when making video calls, or if you have a job where you hold face-to-face meetings. Our garden room prices are always fair, transparent and competitive.

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We manufacture and install Eco Studios in any size, to suit the space you have available and your requirements. So, whether you are looking for a one-man office or a full living space we can make this happen.

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As standard, we run all cables to one corner of the room - for your electrician to run a powercable to the mains.

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Customers often like to create multiple rooms, within their Eco Studio. We can build and create partitions for any purpose, such as Toilets, Kitchens, and Storage areas – the possibilities are endless!

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We can design Garden Rooms to suit your exact needs. Our design teams will work with you and offer any advice based on your garden layout and what you intend to use your new Garden Studio as. We can offer you our advice on where to locate windows and doors, colour schemes & bespoke electrical packages. We collaborate with you closely to deliver an outdoor Garden Building that is installed exactly the way that you want it.

Eco Garden Studios can provide an electrical, water and heating supply, should you require it, through our skilled team of qualified tradespeople.


We manufacture all our own Garden Studios, Garden Offices, Garden Gym’s and Garden Buildings in our workshop located in Dronfield near Sheffield.

Each unit is hand crafted to the highest standard. Being a member of The Guild Of Master Craftsmen, quality & customer service is our top priority

We have carefully selected the materials for each aspect of our Garden Rooms ensuring they provide a long lasting, extremely durable building that will last for years to come.


Our expert installation teams cover the whole of the UK creating beautiful, versatile Garden Rooms for our customers. As our team is so diverse, we never need to sub contract any work making the whole process effortless for our customers.

Just let us know your ideas and we will make them become a reality!

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Multifoil Insulation

EcoQuilt Expert Insulation from Ecohome Insulation is a highly reflective insulation system designed to reflect up to 98% of radiant energy both away from your Garden Studio in the summer & back into the room in the winter ensuring an ambient temperature all year round, perfect for use in Garden Rooms.

Resin Cladding

EcoClad cladding has a stunning woodgrain exterior pattern & has an exterior resin coating which is completely rot and decay resistant.


Bespoke electric packaged tailored to suit your every day activities. All wiring hidden in the framework of the walls, sockets, switches and LED lighting all supplied and installed by our qualified electricians.

We can connect to the existing power supply, installing a suitable SWA cable & consumer unit inside your Garden Studio.

SPC Flooring

Stone Plastic Composite Flooring is a versatile, fully waterproof, scratch & fade resistant flooring that comes with a massive 30 year manufacturer’s guarantee giving you peace of mind that your flooring will last the lifetime of your Garden Room.


Add your unique flair to your Garden Office, Garden Bar or Garden Gym by customizing the internal and external appearance of your Garden Building. We can decorate to suit your taste and style. We always use premium paints to ensure a durable and long lasting finish, every time.


Firestone Rubbercover is our choice of Garden Building roof covering and there are good reasons why. EPDM rubber roof is a single piece membrane that gets bonded down to the roof sheets with high strength adhesive then mechanically secured round all edges ensuring zero chance of leaks and water ingress in your Garden Room. EPDM has a life expectancy & comes with a manufacturers guarantee of 30 years.


Finish your project off in style with a decking area that will complement your Garden Room and provide extra space for garden furniture and storage.

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